As software architects we advise companies on the development of FinTech applications and the optimization of existing financial workflows.

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FinTech refers to modern technologies enabling and impelling new kinds of financial services on the web. Among those, we count technologies of the fields of e-commerce, mobile payment, crowd lending and -investing, business intelligence or services around the crypto currency Bitcoin.

Railslove has supported and advanced the development of various finch software solutions. We deliver profound solutions and advise you on mere finch projects, as well as on the integration and automation of financial workflows in existing systems. We connect professional fintech know-how with modern software development.

FinTech consulting

Regardless of whether you’re starting a new project or searching to optimize existing systems - we will actively support your fintech project with our knowledge and experience. But our involvement doesn’t end on the boundary of consulting: Being a team of web developers and user experience experts, we love to accompany your project from the very beginning to a successful outcome. With passion, love and Ruby on Rails.