Our software products for integrating financial information

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EBICS, a requirement for financial institution since 2008, the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard describes global standard for the exchange of payment transaction data over the internet.

SEPA, Single Euro Payments Area is a project for the unification of cashless payments in countrie within the EU, EFTA, Monaco, and San Marino. The mandatory use of the SEPA-Procedure since the beginning of 2014 has fundamentally changed how direct debits are carried out over the Web.

Railslove offers various software solutions relating EBICS and SEPA to enable communication between banks and apps and to promote the development of innovative fintech products.

Our tools provide:

On demand account statements and financial information in MT940 and CAMT-format Transference of direct debits (CORE, COR1 oder B2B) Transference of referrals (pain.001) Plausibility check and conversion of IBAN and BIC All solutions are fully SEPA-compliant and support all banks that have implemented EBICS and all popular file formats for the retrieval of account transactions, such as MT940 and CAMT XML.

Our solutions

    The EBICS::Box is our comprehensive solution for easily integrating financial transactions into existing systems. All types of transactions are supported. All banks offering EBICS access are supported and one EBICS::Box can handle transfers to and from multiple banks.

  • BankLZ

    BankLZ is a web service comprising numerous fintech tools: the SEPA IBAN converter, the BIC/BLZ request, the MT940 parser, etc.


    A platform-independent EBICS command line interface for communicating with financial institutions.

  • Bitcoin white-label solutions

    Our white-label solutions for integrating Bitcoin as a payment service provider into your applications.

  • CSV SEPA Converter

    A tool for converting CSV files containing bank transfer and debit data to SEPA-compatible PAIN-XML format.

  • PayMe

    With just a few clicks your clients can pay invoices sent via PAYME by debit.