Selected fintech projects

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Our team has been involved in a wide range of fintech projects during the last couple of years. We have shaped software architectures, built custom solutions, designed APIs, developed libraries, devised payment products, integrated payment service providers, as well as ventured into crypto currencies with Bitcoin projects.

Software Architecture, Development, and Consulting

Together with the team of Payango, a provider for customizable VISA prepaid credit cards, we developed numerous software products over the course of several years. The project started with shipping a minimum viable product of an online credit card shop. Soon after, we devised and implemented a full-blown architecture of a workflow-driven, centralized service infrastructure powering several white-label systems. Payango's system was integrated with the VISA credit card network and a BIN sponsor.

SEPAone allows online merchants to accept SEPA debit payments and offers SEPA mandate management. As technology partners, we conceived as well as implemented SEPAone's entire system.

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API design and product development

Skrill is a leading online payment provider offering more than 100 different payment methods across the globe.

We helped Skrill design modern APIs for merchants to integrate Skrill as a payment service provider into their own systems. Another thing we built was a JavaScript library allowing merchants to accept credit card payments without being PCI-DSS compliant. Credit card transactions could then be examined and managed in a merchant portal we helped design and build.

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Bitcoin applications

BitPesa is a remittance service we built based on the crypto currency Bitcoin. It allows the Kenyan diaspora to transfer money home without expensive fees directly onto mobile money accounts such as Safaricom's M-Pesa.

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Integration of payment service providers

We've integrated payment service providers into the systems of numerous internet startups, such as Makerist, Avocado Store and Thanks to our integrations, thousands of users are able to make payments via Credit Cards, Direct Debit, PayPal, or SOFORT Ɯberweisung.

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Our solutions

    The EBICS::Box is our comprehensive solution for easily integrating financial transactions into existing systems. All types of transactions are supported. All banks offering EBICS access are supported and one EBICS::Box can handle transfers to and from multiple banks.

  • BankLZ

    BankLZ is a web service comprising numerous fintech tools: the SEPA IBAN converter, the BIC/BLZ request, the MT940 parser, etc.


    A platform-independent EBICS command line interface for communicating with financial institutions.

  • Bitcoin white-label solutions

    Our white-label solutions for integrating Bitcoin as a payment service provider into your applications.

  • CSV SEPA Converter

    A tool for converting CSV files containing bank transfer and debit data to SEPA-compatible PAIN-XML format.

  • PayMe

    With just a few clicks your clients can pay invoices sent via PAYME by debit.