Platform-independent EBICS client

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EBICS::CLI is a platform-independent EBICS command line client for the automatic retrieval of account statements as well as uploading bank transfers and debits. The client can easily be integrated into any business process.


  • submit bank transfers and debits
  • record, sign, and send payment orders
  • download account information
  • batch processing of orders
  • platform-independence through Java Runtime (Windows, Linux, OSX)
Our solutions

    The EBICS::Box is our comprehensive solution for easily integrating financial transactions into existing systems. All types of transactions are supported. All banks offering EBICS access are supported and one EBICS::Box can handle transfers to and from multiple banks.

  • BankLZ

    BankLZ is a web service comprising numerous fintech tools: the SEPA IBAN converter, the BIC/BLZ request, the MT940 parser, etc.


    A platform-independent EBICS command line interface for communicating with financial institutions.

  • Bitcoin white-label solutions

    Our white-label solutions for integrating Bitcoin as a payment service provider into your applications.

  • CSV SEPA Converter

    A tool for converting CSV files containing bank transfer and debit data to SEPA-compatible PAIN-XML format.

  • PayMe

    With just a few clicks your clients can pay invoices sent via PAYME by debit.