Fintech Open Source

Open-source drives innovation. Here are our fintech-related open-source projects.

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  • CMXL - MT940/MT942 parsers

    Cmxl is a friendly and extendible SWIFT MT940 bank statement file parser that helps your extracting data from the bank statement files.

  • EPICS – Epic EBICS client

    EPICS is a Ruby implementation of the EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard).

  • Giropay Stalker

    Allows you to easily test a German bank code number for giropay support

  • IBAN Calculator

    A wrapper for the API. It allows converting bank account data from legacy syntax to new SEPA IBAN/BIC

  • Lipisha API Wrapper

    An API wrapper to interact with the Lipisha API. Lipisha is an East-African Payment Service Provider for mobile payments

  • SEPA Clearer

    Check capabilities of European payment providers who participate in the SEPA system.